1/15/20 Mission: Laundry, continued

Last week, I blogged about my mission to go CLEAN, and the subpar laundry products I was using in my house. (All fragrance free, labeled “free and gentle, dermatologist recommended.”) Tide, Downy, and Bounce have all been discarded and replaced. I am going to tell you a little bit about my research and what works for us.

We did 10 loads of laundry… using a variety of combinations of different products. If you entered my house over the weekend, there’s a pretty good chance I made you smell/touch/cuddle & compare towels.

What I have learned is there are a number of better products out there. You just need to research, and then discover where you can conveniently purchase them. Stores will NOT make this easy on you. Big brands like Tide rule the world (or at least the laundry detergent aisle at Target and it’s constituents.) If you look carefully you can usually discover some kind of clean(er) alternative at most stores. And I mean look CAREFULLY (see video of Mariano’s on Willow Road yesterday…)

These brands actually come in “cleaner” forms (fragrance free, powder vs liquid, etc.)

So what product did we choose, and where can you buy it??

Our 1st Choice: Grab Green 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods

Rated A on EWG.org. We found these pods to be the freshest smelling and we thought the towels washed in this were the softest. We normally use a liquid detergent, but we liked that we could just throw the pod right in the machine with no mess. When we subjected them to the Peloton Test, they got the job done! And also important, there are no ingredients with ties to cancer (this is VERY hard to find.) This week, we looked at two other detergents that also ranked high in our test. They are also Rated A on EWG.org (These products are Puracy and Seventh Generation free & clear packs (not liquid- that is Rated C and different.) These are great products! But, in the end, both of these have the minuscule concern of a “low possible carcinogen” in one ingredient. This is a risk we wanted to eliminate completely, so I won’t be including these in my recommendation, but they are also a much better choice than most of what is out there.

Where can you find the Grab Green 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods??

  • Amazon Prime $6.94 for 60 loads
  • Walmart online $13.99 for 60 loads (I don’t know if it’s in stores, too?)
  • Target does not have unscented (this matters)
  • If you find them somewhere else- please comment! I will add it HERE.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

Rated A on EWG.org. Through my research, I also discovered Molly’s Suds. This is the product that came the MOST recommended to me throughout this process. This seems to be the HOT clean product of the day. I am adding it here because it is another great option. The downside to this product is not in the ingredients, they are very safe, it’s that it comes in strictly powder form (no pods.) But some will call that an advantage, so there you are! A lot of this is about personal preference. Molly’s is working on reformulating a liquid option (this isn’t easy.)

Where can you find Molly’s Suds?

  • Target online (not sold in stores) $21.99 for 120 loads
  • Amazon Prime $19.99 for 120 loads
  • Walmart online $19.99 for 120 loads

What about Fabric Softener??

A lot of people forego the fabric softener for wool balls (or no softener at all.) This is definitely an option. This next section is for those of you who LOVE your fabric softener. When you think of laundry day… you picture Snuggle the white bear from the commercials of our childhood, cozy in a white fluffy blanket that looks like a cloud. (I don’t want to burst your bubble, but Snuggle was toxic. The ingredients to make that comfy cloud- Rated F. I know, heartbreaking.)

But I am with you, I care about the softness of my laundry. So what can you do about it? If you or your family have allergies, it’s very clear that you should steer clear of fabric softener. Period. Now here is my recommendation:

Attitude little ones Fabric Softener

This fabric softener is fragrance-free and Rated B. But with no concern of “possible carcinogens”. In my opinion, it is the best of the liquid fabric softener options. (It’s not perfect, but I said that.) Adding this to our laundry test made a NOTICEABLE difference in coziness. I’m not sure if we will be adding this to our laundry routine, yet, it’s such a personal choice.

Thank you to everyone who is following my mission for a CLEANER household! So many of you have helped, offered tips, shared experiences. I know that this is a life-long journey, and I have a looooong way to go. I am not in a hurry, I just want to get it right! One product at a time.

Next up: Dishwashing. (gulp) STAY TUNED!

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