1/18/20 Defeating JMML

Over the past few months we have raised money for childhood leukemia. In the summer, we sold lemonade across the country, through our own Lemonade 4 Leukemia, to help fund a targeted study at UCSF. Here, doctors are avidly studying JMML and making the greatest advancements toward a CURE. And YOU made a difference, all of TEAM REESE did. Our support was stunning and our fundraising was extraordinary because we are powerful together.

This past fall, we supported the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by walking in Light the Night. The same weekend, Flynn and his family lit the night for hope, too, across the sea in Australia.

Incredible efforts to fund research are supported by YOU. Team Reese is making a difference.

I wanted to share with you some of our friends. Childhood leukemia doesn’t discriminate, and these sweet little ones battled this same aggressive beast, and are in remission. These little kids have fought the toughest of battles, not just leukemia but also bone marrow transplant. They are SURVIVORS and they need your continued PRAYERS and thoughts. They are as tough as they come, but the road to recovery from JMML is lifelong. May God bless them and continue to keep them safe.

Sweet Flynn went to transplant just before Reese. His mom, Laura, and I supported each other through this incredibly difficult journey as both of our children also fought the monster that is severe GVHD. Flynn is 3 and thriving and he lives in Australia with his brother and parents. His case is very similar to Reese’s and we dream that someday, the two of them will meet and play. I pictured this magical moment so many times during the months of transplant. I pray that Flynn has fought his last battle with GVHD and that his new immune system keeps his body in check, for a lifetime.

4-year-old Chloe just had her transplant in Orlando in December, and she is still inpatient. She was being diagnosed while Reese was nearby, on her Make-A-Wish trip at Disney World. Chloe received news that she is 100% donor yesterday, this is the first step toward recovery, and the most exciting news for a parent to hear. Chloe will continue to receive testing and we pray that her body will accept these new cells and that they are so powerful that she will have the GVL (graft vs leukamia) she needs to end her JMML forever. I also pray for wisdom for her doctors, as they are now entering this fragile dance of orchestrating graft vs leukemia.

Little James just had his 1-year transplant rebirthday. His bone marrow transplant was here in Chicago and he had a rough road prior to transplant. Like Reese and Flynn, he also battled GVHD. His new cells are powerful and he is also in remission! James is thriving at home, though it is a careful balance of meds when chronic GVHD hits. I pray that the doctors continue to keep this under control as they taper his immunosuppressants. And I pray for a lifetime of joy and more run-ins with Reese, outside the hospital walls.

And you know our Reese. She has something in common with all of these little warriors. I’m sure you can spot it, bravery and perseverance. I can’t wait to see what these little ones do in the future. Because one thing is for sure, it will be extraordinary!!

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2 thoughts on “1/18/20 Defeating JMML”

  1. Thank you for sharing with us the Stories of Flynn, Chloe and James. Reminding us that JMML continues to affect children and the importance of working together with doctors and researchers to make ongoing progress towards a CURE. May God continue to bless and protect Reese, Flynn, Chloe and James!

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