1/28/20 Documentary Released Today

As you know, my journey into CLEAN, safe products began late last year when I started thinking about my home environment. The environment where I am raising Reese, Quinn and Claire. I have always felt really good about what I put IN my family, but I realized I had no idea what I put ON my family.

This passion lead to me take on a career at Beautycounter. A career I was not searching for, but a path that was set out for me. And I am looking to build my team.

The New “Toxic Beauty” Documentary Asks: Are Skin Care Products the New Cigarettes?

The documentary “Toxic Beauty” was released today, you can watch it on Amazon. I have the story in Vogue linked HERE.

It begs the question: Is skin care the new cigarette? 40 years from now, will talc be as irrefutably linked to ovarian cancer as smoking is to lung cancer? The scientists, doctors, and lawyers interviewed in Toxic Beauty think so—and talc (which, it should be noted, is also found in face powders, eyeshadows, and more) is far from the only cosmetic ingredient they’re questioning.

“The best available science points to this cosmetics issue being even bigger than the tobacco industry,” Dr. Rick Smith, environmentalist and author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck, says in Toxic Beauty, “because we’re talking about thousands of chemicals, most of which haven’t been accurately safety tested.”

The chemicals Dr. Smith is referring to are the approximately 10,000 substances available for use in personal care products in the United States, only 11% of which have been assessed for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. Since the industry operates under a “post-market regulatory system” (which is to say, is not really regulated), ingredients aren’t reviewed by a government agency before they go to market. Regulation kicks in only if customers report problems post-purchase.

I found talc, a chemical mentioned in the lawsuit, in two of my daily makeup products. This is one of the catalysts that launched me into my new career and my search for CLEAN. For myself, my children, and my husband. This is happening, and I know that I am a little late to the party because SO MANY of you have gone before me. I am inspired by you, and I want to do it right.

If you have ever wondered if you are the same, pay $3.99 and watch the documentary “TOXIC BEAUTY” on Amazon. Then, if you are further inspired, email me and join my team. Let’s do this together. I believe we can make a difference and there is power in numbers. Our kids will not grow up trying to decipher cancer-causing chemicals on every product, on every shelf. I believe that with our guidance, the next generation will be just too smart. And this company is powerful and leading the charge.

Someone asked me why. The reason is right here.

And right here.

Advocacy is our power.

I have made enough money with Beautycounter this month to replace all of my toxic chemicals. You can, too.

email: jennifer.felderman@gmail.com

Beautycounter site: https://www.beautycounter.com/jenniferfelderman/

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