10/23/19 A Touching Tribute to Reese

Last weekend my family was blessed to attend Light the Night, this time, WITH REESE! Last year, my little warrior watched us from the bone marrow transplant unit, as we Facetimed her and Poppy from the event. Her battle with leukemia had moved onto transplant related complications, and she was going on her 7th month inpatient. Quinn carried Reese’s white SURVIVOR lantern and we promised that she would attend with us “next year”. And she DID.

Reese was honored as a SURVIVOR in a touching ceremony on stage. (See video above.) It was an emotional night as we recognized where we have been, how far we have come, and the work that needs to be done to be where we want to be. Funding research that comes up with BETTER WAYS to cure leukemia.

Sweet Reese, bone marrow transplant was one chapter of your life. We have moved onto the next, and I am really enjoying the right here, right now. Your giving heart makes me proud.

Resilience Gives

Reese had a big weekend! Not only did she Light the Night, but Resilience Gives was here in Winnetka, too! You may remember that Reese designed socks to benefit kids who are still in the hospital, kids she knows are fighting battles that are just too big.

Resilience Gives had a pop-up store at Sacred Heart Church on Sunday and they are downtown at Water Tower Place this week. The socks Reese designed are in the picture above, FLAMINGOS of course. Three other little cancer survivors also designed socks (I bought their designs, too.. each is so sweet and unique.) The best part: For each pair that is purchased, one pair is donated to a little kid at Lurie who is fighting cancer. It’s a beautiful mission led by the owners of Resilience Gives, who are childhood cancer survivors themselves. The socks will be available online on Nov 3, so I’ll share more information then!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute!!!!!!!!!!! It is wonderful to see you all out of the hospital and together as a family giving back to others – you are amazing!

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