12/29/19 New Year’s Resolution

The Safety of my Kids

Reese’s safety is something that is always on my mind. Of course, this envelope includes the safety of her sisters, Quinn and Claire, too. It is this desire for safety that has lead me to many late night research sessions on my computer. This is a habit I picked up at Reese’s diagnosis, and it served me well.

We all know the importance of what we put into our bodies. Each generation does things a little different as we learn more. My husband was recently telling me about a story he read about the founder of Dow Chemical, and how he, much like his fellow chemists in the early 1900s, would dip his finger in his chemical mixture and “taste” them. Or I think of the 1920s cigarette diet… which coincided with the ad campaign “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.”

One thing is for certain. We are never static, we are always evolving. We know about the dangers of chemicals in processed food. We know we should buy organic when it matters and we try to stay up to date on the latest research and healthy diets. Clean diets, detoxing, a cleanse. All of these ways that we attempt to keep the inside of our bodies “clean”. Well, in my research, I discovered something important.

It’s not just about what we put in our body, it’s also what we put on our body.

I was reading about diet, because I was so worried about the impacts of what Reese was eating on her body. Through this, I came upon the idea of clean skincare. I was thinking so much about what we are putting INSIDE our bodies, but I was ignoring what we are putting on the OUTSIDE. Your skin can absorb ingredients just as much as your stomach digests food. Interesting, right?

In the US, where we live, the products we use are barely regulated!! (The last time a law was even passed was 1938! Yes, I checked, it’s true. Right around the time of that cigarette ad I mentioned earlier.) I found more information about this as I dug deeper these past few months. For example, the US has only banned 30 ingredients from the skincare products we use (compared to the EU at 1,400.) That needs to change (more on that later.)

Then I found The Environmental Working Group


On this site, I looked at every ingredient in the products that Reese uses. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, face lotion, hand lotion, body lotion, and sunscreen.

Now, being an educated mom of three little girls, I thought I was doing a pretty good job in this department. I chose things that were dermatologist recommended, fragrance free, made for “kids”. I am fairly aware of the movement toward safer products (and this movement has really taken off while I was busy these last couple years.) My point is, I have never cut corners with my children’s health, so I was actually pretty sure that my choices would stand up *pretty* well.

How did Reese’s skin care regiment stand up to my research?

Currently, 1 in 5 products on the market contain ingredients that are known to cause or are linked to cancer (especially breast, this is scary stuff.) Other health problems that skincare and beauty products can contribute to include: allergic reactions, respiratory problems, neurological problems, weight gain, infertility, thyroid problems, birth defects, gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems, acne and more.

Kinda makes you want to click on that link above and check out a few of your own, doesn’t it?

Of the products that Reese currently uses, I had to immediately remove three. Her sunscreen, face lotion, and conditioner. That’s crazy, and I’m telling you, she isn’t and has never used any questionable brands. (One of these was specifically recommended by her doctor.) I’m not here to bash reputable brands (but if you text me, I’ll tell you what they are.) But I will tell you what the disputed ingredients in these products included: Octinoxate, Methylparaben, & Propylparaben. This does not include what was found in her sunscreen- I have to say, sunscreens are the worst. Even those marketed specifically to kids (adult sunscreens are just ridiculous.)

Just for fun I tried looking at the ingredients in a few products I have laying around that I thought WERE questionable. Cheap products (that typically have scents) are the WORST. It’s incredible what is allowed in skin care products.

Reese asked me, “Do the companies know that the ingredients are bad?”


“Then why do they do it?”

Because it’s cheaper. And because they can.

Starting today, we are a clean skincare household.

Now that I know, I can’t unknow. And I wouldn’t want to. So we are making a switch. I chose Beautycounter as the gold standard in my house. Great, high performing products that are also CLEAN. Safe. And I tested, they work really well. Reese is safer, her sisters are safer, I am safer, and my husband is the same amount of safe (but only because he doesn’t put anything on his skin. Not even a moisturizer… only soap. But that’s a separate story about a separate battle.) And my mom, Nonnie, is going CLEAN right along with us!


Breast Cancer

My search kept bringing my back to more information on CLEAN products and breast cancer. Because environmental factors like this are so closely linked to this kind of cancer (85% of cases are NOT linked to genetics, a fact I didn’t realize. A fact that has made me think.) More info on this HERE.

I am happy to announce that I have officially taken on a role as a consultant.

As of December 27, I am employed by Beautycounter. Yes, I have a MISSION! This is how much I believe in this company’s mission, and how important it is that everyone has CLEAN skin care products. I know too much now to not stand up to this problem. And I will be, on an advocacy level as well. Each year, consultants meet with their local congressmen and congresswomen to help push for more protective laws.

As a consultant, I view my role not in sales, but in replacement. I don’t want anyone to buy anything they don’t need. Almost everyone uses products on their skin (my husband excluded), whether it be skincare, haircare, or makeup, and my goal is encourage people to replace the products that they are already using with those that are safer for them, their kids, and the environment. Remember the mere 30 US government restricted ingredients I mentioned above? Beautycounter restricts 1,500. Until the government starts restricting dangerous ingredients, it is up to us to buy smart and do our research. Will you help me?

Here is my challenge. Use the link to check into the ingredients in a few of your products that you question, like I did. Then choose a place to start replacing. For you, or your kids, or your grandkids.


The SALE, Shop Now: Beautycounter

Beautycounter is having their New Year’s Sale RIGHT NOW. This is why I decided to wait and launch with a pop-up THIS WEEK! This will really help you because getting started can be the biggest purchase. Why not save 60%?

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  • Step 2- Browse the website or search for products from Reese’s List (below)
  • Step 3- Ship your products directly to you or local friends can have them shipped to me and I’ll distribute!
  • You are also supporting me and my mission, I work on commission!

Reese’s List:

This list a place to START. Because starting can be very overwhelming, and it’s hard to find time to research. I know, and I did it for you. These are the exact products I used as replacements for Reese and my whole family. (My personal list for myself is a little more extensive, it has a few extra “age-defying” items. I’m happy to share, just email me.)

  • Countersun Mineral Sunscreen – I put this at the top because it is a must, for the whole family. Sunscreen is the hardest item to find CLEAN, it is terrifying what is found in reputable sunscreen products.
  • Kids Bath Collection – Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash. Each of these contain gentle ingredients to cleanse and condition, rather than parabens, synthetic fragrances, and surfactants. (And my girls love the smell and yes, they foam up the perfect amount, we care about these things.)
  • Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk – This is your face wash, twice a day, morning and night. It’s gentle enough that the whole family can use it. (I will add that Cetaphil, while not as luxuious, is also very acceptable according to my research. So if that’s your product, I say carry on.)
  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion – This is the basic face moisturizer that all of the girls in my family use in the morning. (I use a variety of serums, first. Then this locks in the moisture.)
  • Beautycounter Hydrating Body Lotion – With more skin to cover, body lotions offer the most exposure to potentially toxic ingredients, like mineral oil. (RUN from any cheap scented lotions.) This one is rich in essential fatty acids, to revitalize and nourish your skin. It’s perfect for every age.
  • Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream – This is your nighttime moisturizer. (I add a couple other things first, for myself.) Wash, apply, sleep. And feel safe and CLEAN.
  • Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream – Ok, this is one is just for me, not the girls. But I had to mention it because it’s a best seller and I love it. It’s hard to find a great eye cream (especially one that is also CLEAN!)

Going forward, my philosophy on skin care products is similar to my philosophy on food. It’s not what I did on Christmas Eve (I ate Santa’s cookies) that is going to matter, it’s my habits day in and day out. Let me think of another example. I love a glass of red wine and a nice ribeye, but it’s not something I do all day, everyday. With beauty and skincare products, it is something affecting you all day. You wake up, shower, moisturize, put on your makeup, wash your hands throughout the day, put on hand cream, take off your makeup, wash your face and repeat. One face mask (similar to one glass of wine) won’t have long-term impacts on your health, but persistent, daily use will. And that’s where companies like Beautycounter become important.

Will you join me?? Ditch any questionable products in your daily routine and replace them with safer beauty products. Start with even one!! This is my New Year’s Resolution, bring on the 20s, we are smarter and safer!

My Beautycounter: https://www.beautycounter.com/jenniferfelderman

Contact me about anything. I love answering questions:

email: jennifer.felderman@gmail.com

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