4/10/18 4-years-old

And just like that, I have two four-year-olds. Happy birthday to my sweet girls, Reese and Quinn. May you be blessed with love, hope, a couple miracles, and the health you deserve this year. In 21 days Reese will have her rebirthday, her second chance, as our donor’s cells are transferred to my little girl and our journey toward “well” culminates. We have a road ahead but my warrior is fierce and we are ready. It’s difficult to explain, how it feels to celebrate a holiday with a child who’s life is being threatened. Every good moment is filled with joy but also fear. Everything is different. I try to choose joy and keep the fear at bay. As my daughters’ birthday comes to an end, I find myself thinking about time. I hope Reese and Quinn spend their 90th 4/10 in rocking chairs somewhere warm, near the ocean, laughing as they always do, and all of this is barely a blip on their glorious radar of life.

(Pic: Reese left, Quinn right)

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