4/15/18 An Ambulance Jet to San Francisco

We have arrived. My two little four-year-olds had a great travel day filled with Lady and the Tramp, Melissa and Doug, snacks, and of course a Lear Jet that landed us here, in San Francisco. Reese was a little less thrilled about the ambulance ride to the Family House afterward, but I’m pretty sure she thought the jet was cool. We are thankful for the team that helped to make that happen, Reese arrived safe and without setting foot in a commercial airport. Her counts are slowly rising, but an infection could be detrimental to her timeline, so vigilance is key.

We have a busy week of Chris birthday (Monday), Reese intake doctor appointments (Tuesday), Reese bone marrow aspiration & new central line placement (Wednesday), more tests (Thursday). Reese’s central line is coming out, which needs to be repaired while she is under and before the conditioning regiment for the transplant. The ideal time to do this is when she is already under for the bone marrow aspiration, so we are hoping her current line can just last a couple more days. Then she has two days off before she goes inpatient on Sunday morning. BUT, if you asked Reese, she would tell you the most important thing on the agenda is riding a TROLLEY. She carried hers around all day today in anticipation.

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