4/25/18 BMT Day -7

Today began much as yesterday… a happy, energetic preschooler looking for ways to play in a hospital room where the floor is considered “dirty”. Don’t you think that Reese didn’t figure it out, she did and we made the most of it! Her second infusion ended at 5:30 and that is when Reese almost fell asleep in her dinner. Her head hit the pillow shortly after and my sweet girl is able to sleep off the effects of today, hopefully having lovely dreams about the park across the street. She shows me which bench she wants her family to sit on, together, when we leave.

An interesting thing about sleep…. During the first 3 of our 4 previous hospital stays (each was five nights) Reese had a terrible time sleeping. Nurses coming in and touching her constantly, alarms going off at all hours for various reasons… it is terrifying for a little girl. She would wake up screaming 5+ times a night. Well, when we arrived at the hospital for our last stay in March, we got to talking about sleep. I told her a story about her daddy. I told her about how we spent many hours at the hospital waiting for her and Quinn to arrive. I told her how he slept at the hospital and nothing woke him up. (Seriously, nothing. The nurses exact words were, “Do you want me to wake up your husband if you actually have the babies??”) “How does daddy do this?” He decides to sleep. She found this fascinating, the idea that a person could control this. From that moment forward, Reese DECIDED to sleep through the night. Blood pressures, temperatures, oxygen checks, meds, lights on and off, blood draws, ALARMS next to her head at all hours, different nurses… nothing. The girl sleeps right through it. Why? I asked her. Because she decided.
So, the past three nights I have said goodnight to her and we wake up together with the sun. I know that this will change, there are rough waters ahead and my little champ will struggle with things that she can’t control. But in the meantime, she is getting her rest.

Today was my baby’s birthday. My sweet Claire turned 2. Happy birthday little bear. We will celebrate both of our birthdays when I see you on June 1.

Pictured: I call this chemo cartwheels. Don’t ever try to tie this girl down. Love her.

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