4/3/18 – ANC ZERO

We have been very blessed that Reese has remained fever and infection free the past week that she has been neutropenic. Her ANC remains at zero but she had a lovely Easter with her sisters which even included an outing out of the house that wasn’t the hospital, her first in three weeks! We went to (a very sanitized) Nonnie and Poppy’s house on Saturday, so the girls had two Easters!
On April 15th I fly to San Francisco on an ambulance plane, a lear jet that will include myself, Reese, Quinn, a critical care nurse, a critical care paramedic (and a pilot.) I am so thankful that Quinn gets to join us for this leg of the journey. She will stay in San Francisco until Reese is admitted. Then they will say goodbye for six weeks while Reese and I fight a battle that is bigger than my three-year-old can understand. Quinn and Reese will be reunited on June 1, when Quinn flies back to San Francisco to join Reese again while she continues isolation.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second that passes is one closer to my bright-eyed preschooler living her life again, with the pure happiness that a little girl deserves.

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