4/30/18 BMT Day -2 ATG Rabbit

Today was another rough day for my little warrior. It began with a lot of sickness from 1-2am, she was just miserable and couldn’t get back to sleep. She asked for Quinn, her favorite and most beloved. I handed her a picture of the two of them, last Monday, right before the hospital, holding their invisible strings. She pressed it to her cheek and finally found the peace she needed to fade off to sleep for the rest of the night. I understand the love of a sibling, I am so blessed to have a brother. But I can’t even pretend to comprehend the bond between identical twins. It is magical and powerful. It is also unnatural for them to be apart.
The rest of the day was described by our doctors as “roid rage”. Reese hasn’t eaten since Friday (there isn’t concern about no food intake until many days have passed), she has been on intense chemo (two so far, the third tomorrow), ATG rabbit (her body is saying- why is there rabbit floating around, that’s weird), various antibiotics (one is for the oozing from her central line that is subsiding, thank god), Benadryl (for rabbit allergy), and the steroids. These things are all working together to make her very sick and upset. She has a few different kinds of rashes and she continues to fight fevers also. All to be expected and the doctors are monitoring closely.
Why is this happening to my little girl? Because the doctors are clearing out all of the cells in her bone marrow. Gone, all of it. This is necessary to make room for the new cells that will be moving in, in 39 HOURS!! (Yes, I am definitely counting!!) The old marrow is wiped out so the new cells can move in and eventually settle in, finding a cozy spot to start reproducing- HEALTHY, cancer free cells that will last Reese a lifetime!! These cells take awhile to engraft, and a couple weeks to multiply, there will be some wars (some of those are really good)… it’s a long and hard process, but more on that later. For now… Reese is hours from her bone marrow transplant!! The transplant is not a surgery… it is a transfusion, it goes in through her central line.

On Wednesday morning at 11am, some friends, family, parishioners (and Quinn and Reese’s class) will be gathering at Sacred Heart church for a small, 20 minute ceremony led by Father Dan, to pray for the success of Reese’s transplant. Reese, Nonnie and I will be FaceTiming from San Francisco, sitting in the front pew. Please join us or think of my little girl on Wednesday morning and say an extra prayer for her re-birthday, a re-birth to a healthy future.

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