4/7/18 Pack Your Suitcase JMML

Battle #2 is complete, Reese’s counts are on the rise!!! She spent 8 days sitting at zero and as of yesterday she is on the other side, slowly climbing. This tough little girl made it through a second round of intense chemo, infection free. We have been holding our breath, waiting for the impending infection and it never came. This girl is fierce. This is a very good sign for battle #3, the fight of her life.
Reese knows that she has three battles to fight, and two are over. And in her words, “pack your suitcase” JMML!!
Reese and Quinn each received a medal for their achievement today. Quinn’s battle is different than Reese’s, but her resilience and strength are powerful and something to celebrate, too.

She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future
Proverb 31:25

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