8/15/19 Frosting

Tonight, Quinn and Reese were asking me questions about love. Specifically, what I love more, them or (a variety of things). Well, as parents, we know that the answer to that question is ALWAYS our child. We answer that without a second thought, as a reflex, because it is so true. “I love you the most.” “..to the moon and back, a million times!” “..as much as the stars in the sky!”
When I answer those questions my mind always flashes back to the days of uncertainty, the days I asked (not asked, begged) God to take anything and everything, just not my baby. I can answer their questions with such conviction because I know that there is nothing else of true importance, beyond our loved ones. The rest is frosting. I’m not saying I don’t like and appreciate frosting. I do. And if you have the privilege to have the cake AND the frosting, you are WINNING, what a blessing.

Speaking of frosting, my 5-year-olds start kindergarten in two weeks! Half days, at the same school I taught at for 11 years, in my pre-mommy days. This is a dream come true for me. I not only embrace, but truly live, progressive education. And my children are entering a school system that embodies what this means, child-centered learning at it’s finest. Incredible. I am realizing that these little girls seem so big all of a sudden! I know I will be the one crying at the classroom door, and I am ready for it. They are happy tears and I will bring tissue and own the moment, because real emotions are raw and wild and so worth living.

How is Reese’s health? The best I can hope for. She is still itchy every minute… the allergy meds she is on don’t seem to help (or maybe they do and it would be worse?) She does not complain and it does not keep her up at night, so we are chugging along and grateful there isn’t a rash. Perhaps it’s the whiff of GVHD we pray for? Her next appointment with BMT is on Monday, and this should be a big one, since we haven’t seen them in FOUR weeks. (It was weekly just a couple months ago, progress is amazing!) In the meantime she is getting stronger every day and learning just as quickly. I know that she missed most of preschool, and so does she. Anyone close to us knows that we strongly considered retaining her and her sister, to buy back one of the years, so to speak. We were able to seek out many opinions on the subject, collaborated with educators, and thought long and hard about the force we know as Reese and Quinn. In the end, the right decision for my girls is kindergarten. Onward!

Pictured: Lemonade 4 Leukemia has been so privileged to be covered by multiple media outlets, bringing awareness to childhood leukemia. Since the 4th of July, there have been approximately 1,800 children diagnosed with cancer in the US. (And only 4% of federal government cancer research funding goes to study pediatric cancer. Yes, you read that right.) “Bad luck” they call it. I don’t like that.
This week, the majority of our PayPal online “virtual lemonade” donations are coming from AUSTRALIA! Yep, Reese’s friend Flynn (who is also in remission from JMML) is fundraising for L4L, across the sea. Please contact me if you would like to host a stand in your neighborhood! More info on website. www.lemonade4leukemia.com

NBC coverage video: https://youtu.be/p7fmz-ZWCCo

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