8/24/18 BMT Day +114 We need your prayers

Reese needs your prayers today.

Last night, around 1am, Reese started having stark blood stool. This is a sign of a flare and exactly what I’ve been hoping wouldn’t happen. Immediately feeds were stopped, all restrictions on food put back in place, and we are going up on her steroid dose today. Reese fell asleep last night clutching her pain button. This a button that administers opioids to my four-year-old. It gives it gives her some peace, knowing that comfort can (sometimes) be a click away. I am praying with all my might that this flare doesn’t put her back so far, to such a terrible time. Only days will tell, and I am holding my breath and my tears waiting for good news.

It’s Back to School Week at home. I will be staying away from all social media until later next week. I know that we will go home someday, I know that my girls will go to school and flourish. I know that Quinn and Claire’s place, right now, is here with our family. I know that we are strong and we will beat this, as a team, and go on to have lots and lots of normal. But I also know what my daughters are supposed to be doing on Monday. My little girls love school with a passion, it is their happiest place. And they aren’t going back with their friends. So I can’t see the posts of first days, not now. I’m so happy for everyone, I really am, but it’s my trigger. So I will be back later in the week, hopefully with good news about Reese and how quickly she is healing from this flare!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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