8/8/18 BMT Day +98 When will we be discharged?

It’s hard to believe that Day 100 is around the corner. It’s a good thing that we never could have predicted the duration of this hospital stay. It would have been too daunting to even conceive of this journey when we were admitted last April. The devil you know vs the devil you don’t. I have been applying this logic to a question I have been holding off on asking my doctors.

I know that our team here at UCSF can’t tell me when we will leave the hospital. I know it isn’t fair to ask, because there are so many unknowns and only God can see the path and how it plays out. However, I boldly asked for a SEASON yesterday. I asked the attending if she thought we would be discharged in the Fall, Winter, Spring or next Summer. I was afraid to ask, but I did, for (an attempt) at planning purposes. Her reply: Late Fall. (She followed that with the disclaimer that San Francisco doesn’t actually have these seasons, so she can’t be held responsible for her guesstimate, if it turns out wrong. Fair.)

Late Fall. Immediately I wonder, wait, when is fall?? Google says: September 22 to December 21. (I did not realize that fall ends days before Christmas, amid snowmen and Santa Claus?? Hmm, this Chicagoan is going to call the end of fall as November, before the turkey…) I spoke with the night doctor and she concurred, guessing an average of three months more hospital stay, from today, with Reese’s current condition. Three more months to recover from beating JMML, to recover from GVHD. We can do this. Reese can do this. My little record breaker, powerhouse, defier of the odds. If I was a betting woman, I would always bet on Reese. My doctor also mentioned that Reese had the worst gut GVHD she has ever seen. That took a little while to sink in. My sweet four-year-old, in the fight of her life. Three fights of her life, against first JMML, then VOD, then GVHD. This kid.

And today she wore pink. From head to toe. Because it is going to be a “pink day”. If you should happen to have a pink day yourself, please share your picture. Reese’s second cousins sent her a picture this morning that inspired her! And I went online, at Reese’s request, to purchase pink pants (and take a day off from my hospital uniform of black yoga pants.) Go Reese, Go Pink, you’ve got this baby girl!

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