Having one of the tiniest members of the community in the hospital is heartbreaking. You want to send the child a gift that is meaningful, something impactful. Something that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE. When you are small, spending one hour in the hospital is too long.

The right book can bring a patient hope, distraction, a smile.

My daughter was diagnosed with childhood leukemia when she was 3 years old. She spent almost all of age 4 in the hospital. Specifically, in the bone marrow transplant isolation unit of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Her longest stint was 8 months and her shortest was 5 days. Members of our community sent Reese a library of bedtime books. Books that provided encouragement, courage, a laugh. The right books can do just that. More about Reese’s incredible journey can be found on the HOME page.

I have compiled this list of the best books to send a young pediatric hospital patient. My thoughts are backed up by the most credible source, a now 5-year-old kindergartener with a lot to say!

Book List:

I am a Warrior Goddess – For power

One – For inspiration

Interrupting Chicken – For humor

In My Heart – For big feelings

After the Fall – For encouragement

Children Make Terrible Pets – For amusement

Be Brave Little One – For courage

The Famous Hat – For hair loss

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way – For teamwork

God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional – For faith

She Persisted – For taking on the world

I Wish You More – For Love

Thank you for visiting our site. It is my hope and goal to use our experience to make another child’s experience even just a little bit better. Gifts were an important part of Reese’s experience and I saw first hand the power of the right present. Many of the books above are through Amazon Prime. Why Amazon Prime? They don’t charge delivery, and they deliver within two days. Which means that they can make it into the hospital room in 3. This is huge. Please message me to share a story if you think of it. I love to hear about the power of a gift!

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