12/14/18 BMT Day +227 Height

Today a right jolly ‘ol elf visited Reese at the hospital. That’s right, I’m talking about the big guy himself. And my girls were ecstatic! Quinn and Reese had art therapy at 9:00, then Claire joined for cupcake baking with our child life specialist Kim at 10:15, and then they stayed in the playroom until 1:00 when they heard that SANTA was spotted in the elevator. That started a mad hunt in our (not extensively large) BMT isolation unit for the man in red. The girls danced to jingle bells, and jingled bells, in the hallway in anticipation. He did not disappoint! Side note- California Santa does NOT wear a red fur coat. I don’t know why I thought he would need it.

Pictured below are my three girls in the unit, waiting for Santa. You will notice a height difference between Reese and her identical twin, Quinn. That is because Reese has not grown in the past 8 months and Quinn has. (Also, my two-year-old Claire is just really tall.) I asked the doctors about this. I was told that Reese will achieve her natural height, in her own time. Her body has been too busy beating cancer and fighting life threatening complications to focus on something as unimportant as growing taller (much like growing hair), so she didn’t. BUT, I am told she will have her own growth spurt, at her own time, and she will be just as tall as she was meant to be. Not a concern in the grand scheme of what matters, but an interesting tid bit. While we are talking about growth, her hair is growing. It started a couple weeks ago and it’s so sweet, a light fuzz. I know that she likes it. My little girl is healing more and more every day.

Reese can pick certain things for her bell ringing ceremony. She chose PINK as the color she would like everyone to wear (not a surprise.) She also chose flamingos to represent (yep, not unicorns, throwing mom for a loop a couple weeks ago.) She WANTS everyone to sing “Ring Them Bells” by Liza Minnelli (it really is an amazing refrain, so spot on. But the rest of the song is pretty inappropriate, and hardly anyone seems to know it…) SO we are doing JINGLE BELLS instead. With lots and lots of jingle bells, at Reese’s request. Our family can sing the refrain of Ring Them Bells while we do the loooonnnnggggg walk, out of the unit, to THE bell. Lastly, new today and something I am still processing… Reese would like to ride “home” on a trolley. So so cute. Yes, I know that we are in SF, but this is no small request. I am taking ideas! Ack!

A couple nights ago before bed, Reese was playing with her markers. Reese is a very abstract drawer… so I asked her if there was meaning to her picture. She said yes, that she was drawing a map. For Quinn. So if she forgets how to get back to the yellow house, she can find her way.
We will all find our way together, as soon as we are all ready, sweet Reese. And I can feel it getting closer every day.

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