12/19/18 Day +232 The Best Words I Ever Heard

Tonight is pure joy.

Reese danced herself to bed and Quinn and Chris had a dance party to The Pointer Sisters, I’m So Excited.

A tidbit before I get back to packing…
Our transplant doctor came in tonight, THE JMML transplant doctor. The doctor who has made it his personal goal to improve JMML outcomes, the doctor who is finishing the large study on JMML transplant patients (and Reese is in it!) This doctor, Chris Dvorak, told me that he is 99.9% sure we have seen the last of JMML in Reese!! THE BEST WORDS I HAVE EVER HEARD!
There are three more little kids coming in next month with JMML, who will walk the same halls that Reese walked, fight the same fight, and with our doctor’s help, win the battle! (“Slay the beast,” as Reese says.) JMML is a very rare leukemia, but incredible work is being done here to create better outcomes, and long lives, for kids like Reese. Tomorrow we thank Chris and his team of 9 doctors, incredible BMT support staff, exemplary BMT nurses… each person who diligently fought for Reese. We have the best village, in CA, IA, and IL!!

…til tomorrow at 2:00pm PST !!

Tomorrow we will all be wearing flamingos. Why flamingos? It’s the symbol of Reese’s release.
Why the different colors? Reese will tell you: Because Claire’s flamingo ate bananas, her flamingo ate strawberries, and Quinn’s ate green beans. (Based lightly on the fact that flamingos get their color from the pink shrimp they eat.) It’s so Reese.

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