12/2/18 BMT Day +215 My Husband

A message resonated with me loud and clear at mass this morning at Carmel Mission Basilica: May you move forward not in fear, but with hope and confidence.
Hope and confidence is exactly how Chris and I are moving forward.
I have said this many times to those who know me well, I married the right guy, my true partner. And sometimes being a partner means dividing and conquering. There have been many months where Chris and I weren’t doing our best if we were in the same place, at the same time, for more than a brief time. We have managed, with the unending support of my parents and Gaga, to keep our young family divided for one year. Throughout Reese’s hospital stays in Chicago, weekly emergency room/admits, to eight months in San Francisco inpatient. My husband and I work as a team to be apart, doing the best we know how to do to support all three of our young children through this crisis. And then something happened. Hope and confidence. My parents made it happen as they always do. Chris and I were together for 32 hours this weekend. We talked, and laughed, and cried. And then did it all over again. Together, we are strong, and sometimes that means being apart. And apart is what we have been. I really miss him. But the resolve in both of us is ironclad, and we would go to the ends of the Earth all over again for our kids.

Reese’s albumin is staying above 2, as we hoped. But today I learned that there is disagreement between the attending doctors on what this means and how to proceed. Her immediate inpatient future is pretty unclear, I am hoping to learn more tomorrow.

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