12/26/18 +6 out of the hospital

What a joy, what a blessing, to be out in the world. My family, together. I can’t even explain it, but I feel it in every breath I take. Sometimes I just sit and think about the kindnesses and blessings that have been bestowed upon my family. I wonder how I will ever be able to repay it, and I think how I will be paying it forward the rest of my life. What a gift.

A medical update on Reese:

She is out of the BMT isolation unit and getting stronger, fast. Being outside her hospital room and participating in authentic play and movement is increasing her endurance and strength faster than I imagined. She wants to be able to do everything her sisters do, and we all know how determined Reese is. She is so proud of her walking and how “fast” she is… and she pulled herself up to standing today, alone!! Incredible!

Reese has a lot of rules to keep her safe.

She can’t be in public places, around a lot of people. So, for example, at the Family House, she can’t participate in events that draw a crowd. She pretty much wears her mask there unless she is in our little room or eating, because the nature of the family house is that it houses many families. If she is eating (this has to be in public space because she is not allowed to eat in the room) and a large group walks in, we try to remove her from the situation. The same goes for watching TV, because there are not TVs in the rooms. It’s a little tricky for BMT kids who are on isolation, but we are figuring it out and Reese accepts her mask like a champ!!

Reese can spend time outside if she is away from construction and not doing other high risk things like digging in dirt for example or running in wood chips at a playground. Basically, avoiding high risk mold things. She doesn’t need to wear her mask in “fresh air” but so far she pretty much has. Today we took her to Stanford’s campus to play. It checked all the boxes being as it’s Christmas break… no people, mud, sand, construction, etc. We played hide-and-go-seek, sang songs, danced, loved each other, and threw coins in the fountain. This time Reese was with us to make our wishes, which is already a wish come true.

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