12/5/18 BMT Day +218 Reese has her DISCHARGE DATE

On April 23 Reese went inpatient at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for her life saving bone marrow transplant. She remained inpatient through the spring, past Mother’s Day, the 4th of July, and then straight through the August dog days of summer. Her complications continued into September as her friends returned to school. We battled past Halloween and trick-or-treating, right into turkey and pumpkin pie month, watching videos of snowfalls back home. Then we began the month of December, optimistic that this would be her month, the month that she felt the warm sun on her face, the breeze on her skin, the joy of walking out the doors of the BMT unit, and into the world. Today, Reese got her date. DECEMBER 20 she will RING THAT BELL!! Albumin is discontinued and Reese is ready! YES! As she would put it, “I get to live with my sisters again!” We are so blessed and thankful and just taking it in. Two weeks from tomorrow my little girl will walk out those same doors she entered in April… cancer free and ready to take on the world!!

Reese has always been a girl with faith. True, passionate, powerful faith. Reese talked to God about her discharge date during prayers tonight and asked God to continue to help the doctors know what to do. “He really is the best helper.” I also know that He has been with us, guiding us and supporting us, every step of the way. Our Christmas miracle.

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