12/31/17 Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Attending Rally for Reese was surreal. All of the love that filled the room… old friends, new friends, strangers, moms, dads, daughters, sons… I was so thankful. I found a moment of peace within the chaos of  the drive and for a split second things felt right. Rally for Reese was bigger than Reese. While I stood in the middle of the room I pictured another mother somewhere, maybe across the sea, maybe just in a town next door. Doing the same thing for her daughter. I felt her anguish and pain that is overwhelming with such uncertainty about the future. And I silently thanked her for mobilizing her community… because that might be where Reese’s match comes from. And I prayed that someone who is  also fighting the fight of their life may be saved by my donor drive, and find the match they need in a member of my community. The world felt a little smaller and the love of humanity felt a little stronger. Many people have asked how they can join the registry if they were unable to  make our donor drive. The answer is to register online, and you can do it for Reese here: https://join.bethematch.org/ReesesFight You will receive a swab kit in the mail a few days later.

Tonight is New Years Eve. I am as thankful as I’ve ever been for having had the  privilege of spending the last year with my sweet girls. My prayer on New Years Eve is the same as it is every year. My hope for 2018 is love and immeasurable joy for everyone I love. I fear that this coming year, it may be hidden in the darkest places for us. I pray we can find it and cherish those moments as we make our way through these scary and challenging times… and that we will all be together at the end of ’18, my sweet girls hugging and giggling as they did tonight, to look back on all we have overcome, and all of the joy we have relished, and toast, together, with a smile to the future.

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