2/11/18 – Fluderabine & Cytarabine

Chemo Day 9: Reese continues to power through chemotherapy. Her regiment  included three different types, the mildest, Azacitidine, first and then the intense two, Fludarabine and Cytarabine, started together this past Thursday. That is when we checked into Lurie, just beating the snowstorm that has raged ever since. Her battle is difficult, I can’t pretend to understand how she feels. I can feel my own heart shattering as I watch the chemo drip into my little girl’s  body- the pain is indescribable. But I know it’s nothing compared to what she has to endure.
I have made a point not to read too much about the possible side effects of chemotherapy, or get too caught up in any negative possibilities and percentages in general. Reese is an exception by nature. She was born an identical twin, on national siblings day, with a palindrome birthday of 41014. The chances of being  born an identical twin, 1 in 350. The chances of having JMML, 1 in 1.2 million. Odds and percentages have never really applied to my little force of nature. I know that she is meant to be here and do great things, because she truly is great. Faith and love radiate from this little three-year-old. Now that Reese is finally given the opportunity to fight this disease, she is showing us that fight, she will. After this round of chemotherapy, our doctors are considering a second round before the conditioning for the transplant, depending on the results. This was hard for me to process.. anything that lengthens this journey is initially disappointing. But the goal is long term life, not short term comfort. And we are working with the leading doctors in the JMML field to navigate this difficult path. I am grateful every day for the doctors who are collaborating to help Reese.
In the video attachment is Reese the morning of Chemo Day 7. She wanted to ride the little tricycle up and down the hall of the oncology floor at Lurie. Why?  Because she can.
Keep riding, Reese.

You Tube Video: https://youtu.be/ILZiFiVmdxw

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