2/2/19 Inpatient Again

We need your prayers for Reese and her complete healing.
On Thursday night Reese was terribly ill, again. It was ramping up, slowly, for a couple days and then it really hit around bedtime on Thursday. The pain, the nausea, the vomiting. A fever. Just like last time, a couple weeks ago. Chris ended up taking Reese to the emergency room, again, in the stroller at 1:30am. I relieved him when my parents arrived later and there she sat, until a room finally opened up on Friday at 2:30pm.
We don’t understand what is happening, or why it is happening. Reese has everyone a little perplexed, again. Her viral panel is negative and no one thinks it’s bacterial. We have found a pattern… severe pain and nausea that lasts for about three hours and ends in vomiting. It’s a horrible pattern I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially a little four-year-old girl who has suffered so greatly. Her threshold for pain is very high, she expects it to a certain degree, which also makes it difficult to determine exactly what is going on. There are a few theories, some more difficult than others.
She is going in for a CT scan around 8pm… Chris is with her tonight and I am with my other girls. It’s the first time I haven’t been with her for a scan, I didn’t know it was going to happen tonight, and it’s really hard to be away. Watching her suffer is difficult, heart wrenching. But being away is a little harder. Hopefully we get the information we need to move towards complete healing, and tomorrow is a little better than the day before.

Today I was walking through the hall on the oncology floor and a little girl whizzed by me. She was bald, so frail and thin, but with the giggles of a young girl at the park and a spirit that you could feel in the air after she was gone. She was pulling her IV tree along with her, probably two years older than Reese, racing to the playroom. After that I met a little two-year-old boy who blew Reese a kiss. He was hooked up to his IV tree but too small to pull it, and he was being carried around by one of our nurses. My mind spun, I could see these beautiful children at school. At a playground, at music class or ballet. Something about them broke through the gray pain that surrounds us and I saw THEM. As I see Reese. Bright shining stars, sifting through the pain, to find the strength to be what they are. Kids.

Me- Reesey, how’d you get to be so cute?
R- God.

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