2/28/18 – The Invisible String

Reese was admitted to Lurie early this morning. Her ANC is 0.000 (that’s her immune system) and this is expected with her chemo. But she has a fever so something is giving her a hard time. She looks sick today, her coloring is all off. We are praying it’s a small, manageable infection or just a fever from the intense chemo that is leaving her system. Oh, and she’s making her own platelets now!! (106 !!) We know they are keeping her at least 48 hours.

My family reads a very important book together, called The Invisible String.

(See pic) Reese and Quinn have an invisible string they carry with them all the time. It connects them across any distance, through any problems, and they can feel it with their hearts. This morning they are both holding their invisible strings, hoping to be together again really soon.

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