2/6/19 THE TALK :)

Reese came home from the hospital last night!
According to my doctor, there are “flares” and there are “FLARES” (bad, bad. Requiring added immunosuppression and big steps backward.) Reese’s flare is not the latter. He is classifying this flare as “an intolerance to the tapering of multiple agents.” That may have been influenced by an infection (virus?) We will never know exactly what caused it, but we are celebrating her rapid turn-around, again!
Reese will remain on budescenoide for now and her Infliximab is still off. (yes! yes!) We really like this, because Infliximab has been suppressing the exact t-cells we need growing and functioning!
In other news, we had THE TALK. And Reese is scheduled to have her last UCSF appointment at the end of MARCH!! Yes, that means, if things stay on schedule (no big surprises) the Feldermans are returning to Winnetka at the end of March!! Once we figure out a few things I will start a countdown. THANK YOU GOD and amazing medical professionals, this day is coming, fast!!!!
Go Reese, go! Grow cells, grow!

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