2/7/18 – Unicorns & Azacitidine

Reese finished her last infusion of azacitidine at Lurie today. This is the German regiment of low dose chemotherapy. We came to the infusion center 5 days in a row for this out patient drug. We also received the most promising news about her counts… they are BETTER!! A marked improvement over a week ago. THIS IS HUGE AND A CELEBRATION IS BEING HAD! We are so happy to see her numbers stabilizing. The goal is to lessen her disease burden before going to transplant, which should give her the best possible chance for success!! We were told that half of JMML kiddos respond well to chemo- if Reese is in this “half” we are so very blessed!! We are all saying prayers (and Reese told me the medicine deserves a trophy for it’s powerful fight against JMML.) Yes, a trophy  indeed.

Tomorrow we check into Lurie for inpatient intense chemotherapy (UCSF regiment.) Pray for strength and stability for my sweet three-year-old. She is a powerhouse of resilience and I know she will continue to fight with all of her might.

 “I have only seen one thing more relentless than cancer. Mothers.” -Vashni Nolan

 …And Reese. Relentless we will be, me and my little unicorn, hand in hand.

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