Having one of the tiniest members of the community in the hospital is heartbreaking. You want to send the child a gift that is meaningful, something impactful. Something that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE. When you are small, spending one hour in the hospital is too long.

The right toy or activity can bring a patient hope, distraction, a smile.

My daughter was diagnosed with childhood leukemia when she was 3 years old. She spent almost all of age 4 in the hospital. Specifically, in the bone marrow transplant isolation unit of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Her longest stint was 8 months and her shortest was 5 days. We used gifts as distractions to not only bring joy, but also to facilitate healing. The right gifts can do just that. More about Reese’s incredible journey can be found on the HOME page.

I have compiled multiple lists of appropriate gifts to send a young pediatric hospital patient. Below you will find gifts for a child who is new to the hospital environment. These gifts are all about DISTRACTION. Fun activities that keep a young child busy and engaged, to help pass the time.

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For the Pediatric Patient who is New-To-Hospital-Stays

This child is in the hospital for the first time.. maybe for a surgery, maybe for diagnosis. This list is packed full of ACTIVITY gifts. These are hands-on, keep-busy presents.

Sprogs Set of 4 Felt Storyboards: Diving, Dinosaurs, Zoo Animals, and Outer Space

Sprogs Set of 4 Felt Storyboards. For little boys and girls. Why we like it: It’s engaging and reusable. It provides the child with make believe entertainment alone or with a visitor. It also comes with a very convenient plastic case. Hours of fun, easy clean up, easy storage.
The trifecta.

Rainbow Pillow

Rainbow Pillow by Gund. This is the coziest, best-shaped pillow for a patient who is spending time in bed. It envelopes the small child, helping him/her to either get cozy or propped up for activities. And, of course, the rainbow is the sign of HOPE after a STORM. A comfy gift with a great message.

Ultimate Crayola Coloring Kit

Crayola Coloring Kit. This one is all about the WOW factor. This rainbow art case has 140 colors and the presentation of this case is eye popping exciting for kids. Hours of coloring can be a result. Pair this case with a fun coloring book (like THIS for girls or THIS for boys) for the perfect gift for the creative patient.

Melissa and Doug Pet Shop Puffy Sticker Activity Books

Puffy Sticker Activity Books. For a little girl or boy. This reusable book has a safari, chipmunk house, and a farm. These Melissa and Doug activity books were one of the favorite in my child’s hospital room. These activity books are good for independent play and small group play. It’s very engaging, the stickers stick well, and there’s no mess.

Modeling Clay Kit

Poly Clay Modeling Clay Kit. This is the only modeling clay you should ever buy, it’s that good. My daughter has used it for months to make little Shopkins of her own. It lasts that long and it is well organized and easy to manage. The clay stays soft and moldable until you leave it out overnight to dry. Then it takes on a cool, permanent texture. The patient can build toys or build gifts. (This was very empowering for Reese. She liked making things that she could give away. And in a hospital environment, where the patient feels so powerless, it’s nice to have something that they can make to give to nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc.)

Thank you for visiting our site. It is my hope and goal to use our experience to make another child’s experience even just a little bit better. Gifts were an important part of Reese’s experience and I saw first hand the power of the right present. Many of the gifts above are through Amazon Prime. Why Amazon Prime? They don’t charge delivery, and they deliver within two days. Which means that they can make it into the hospital room in 3. This is huge. Please message me to share a story if you think of it. I love to hear about the power of a gift!

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