Go Gold in September

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

In 2017, great advances were made to fight childhood leukemia, but still, the survival rate for children diagnosed with JMML lingers at 50%. Here in the US, specifically at UCSF, researchers are working to better understand and fight this horrible childhood cancer. They are making the greatest strides RIGHT NOW. If you are looking for a way to support Blood Cancer Awareness Month, please consider donating to this campaign. To make the world more hopeful for not just Reese, but other faces of JMML. For Flynn, a 2-year-old in Australia, relapsed and working toward his second transplant. Or James, in Chicago, newly diagnosed and battling the disease in the PICU, fighting to get to the BMT.
If you chose this campaign, please comment here, so I can share your name with Dr Loh & Dr Dvorak, and and tell them that you are a part of TEAM REESE, working together, to cure JMML for children everywhere.

To give online, COPY & PASTE this link: www.Makeagift.ucsf.edu/childrens
*Please click “Other” and write in “JMML Research – Dr. Loh”

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