1/1/19 Bring on 2019

Reese is walking into 2019 with new marrow, new DNA, and a new chance at a very bright future.

Reese and Quinn, mono/di (identical) twins, no longer share the same DNA, but their bond is stronger than ever. We are all thankful to put the battles of 2018 BEHIND us. The year came in with total devastation. We fought our asses off, cried more tears than a lifetime, fought some more, loved more fiercely and hugged more tightly, and prevailed. We close this year together, stronger than we entered it. And as a family, living together again. Last year on New Years Eve my only wish for 2018 was my family alive and cancer free. Thank you God for this blessing. I truly have it all.

Our wish for 2019 involves a certain yellow house, and a happiness I call normalcy.

I pray for HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and FREEDOM for all those I love in the new year. BRING ON 2019!!

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