1/11/19 Rainbows

Reese’s clinic visits all went well this week and her tapers continue. There are so many things coming off, it’s so exciting that she is doing so well. Today she had her first big tummy ache since discharge. The doctors added one of her tapers back on, to see if that helps. Fingers crossed, we have had such smooth sailing so far.
On the agenda for the next two days is outdoor fun (away from construction, think fresh mountain air!!) and encouraging Reese to eat. Her appetite and willingness to eat food are lagging behind what we had hoped, so we will continue to offer big varieties in the hopes that she will reengage more with eating.
Reese has been on big, heavy doses of Ativan since May. Ativan was used as an antinausea med for Reese, but it is also used for people with anxiety because it has a calming effect. This calming effect (along with a few other meds) had Reese pretty sedated for many months. It has been being tapered for a long time.. to avoid withdrawal the wean is super slow. She is down to a tiny dose now. As this has been peeled off, we have seen more and MORE of Reese shine through. She is my little academic, as anyone who has spent time with her knows. It has been amazing seeing this side of her coming back. Oh, and her eyes. Her beautiful, knowing, determined eyes. They were so swollen, so… different. For so many months. I love looking into them and seeing MY GIRL is back!

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