1/20/19 Rotavirus

Reese was released from the hospital on Friday after her stomach flu stint. So what happens when an immunocompromised BMT kid like Reese gets a common virus? Her “stomach flu” symptoms didn’t last much longer than my other kids. But she was in the hospital for secondary reasons for 5 days. Her stress dose of steroids is being tapered, so she will be back down to where she was again at the end of the month. Her electrolytes are out of whack, so she is on lots of potassium and magnesium (which we are monitoring closely, we don’t want to go too far the other way.) Her blood pressure is a problem again, so she is now on a full clonodine patch (double) and enalapril. Her ecluzimab taper didn’t go well (possibly because it happened during the virus, possibly not) and we think she is having a small TMA flare. So now she is back on ecluzimab weekly. While we are disappointed with the domino effect of this common virus, we are so happy that it was NOT gvhd. I almost started dancing when her Rotavirus (stomach flu) came back positive, and we could credit it with the reason for her symptoms. It is a much better scenario than a flare. Counting our blessings!

Reese had to go back to the ER again on Saturday morning (she was discharged on Friday night) because she threw up and lost her NG tube, and she needed to get it replaced. We aren’t sure why that happened, Reese does get sick now and then, it’s a part of her recovery from gvhd. When she got done, the sun was shining and it felt like spring. Walking her back to the Family House, I was having visions of pushing my twins around Winnetka in the spring. You know, on one of those April days, when it hits 65 and the sun is shining and you can just FEEL the promise of spring. That is how San Francisco feels this week. So, when we got back from the ER, we drove over to Twin Peaks and climbed to the highest point with our three kiddos. From this point you can see the ocean, the bay, the mountains, the city, the whole peninsula. We spotted the hospital, far in the distance. We like this view of it better.

Reese rang the bell one month ago today.

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