1/28/19 Spacing Appts to 1x a week

A very quick update…
Reese’s CBC counts recovered, with gusto! And now her platelets are up to 238, an all time high for Reese! Her hemoglobin is holding steady in the 10s, and her ANC (neutrophils) corrected and are 5,000. So it was just one of those things, the numbers can fluctuate naturally. Her liver counts went back down into NORMAL range when we held her Posaconazole. So the reason they were elevated is because her gut is absorbing better, and it was absorbing too much of this drug, upsetting her liver. So now we have restarted it and dropped the dose, hopefully this will do the trick. All good news!
We are also spacing her clinic appointments to 1x a week!! It wont start immediately because of scheduling (this came on fast and we are at 3x!) but we are moving toward this and making it happen soon!
But that’s not where the good news ends. It’s MONDAY, and every other Monday Reese’s t-cell subsets are run. We have been waiting for CD4s above 200 for many, many months. I am ecstatic to report that today, Reese’s CD4 t-cells are at 273!!! Grow cells, grow! Thank you God. Congratulations to my strong girl, your new immune system is really showing us what it can do!

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