1/7/18 HLA Matches

We received word this week from the transplant team regarding Reese’s HLA matches. We took a big hit when Claire turned out to NOT be a match (and as we know, Quinn is too a perfect match, which is also not advantageous.) There really hasn’t been any “good” news in the past month, but while my daughter needing a bone marrow transplant is absolutely terrifying, there is hope in the fact that she has “multiple good” matches! The representative has contacted three of these matches so far to move to the next step (a blood test to see if they are compatible with Reese in other ways, too.) Two of these people are in the US and one is in Germany… they are all men. Is it you?? We don’t know, we don’t get to meet and thank our donor until 1 year post. Throughout this journey, I have heard many stories of donors becoming “family”…one that even ended with the child being the ring bearer of his donor! I get chills when I think about this and I am so grateful for the person somewhere who is mobilizing to help save my sweet girl.
You Tube Video- a thank you from Reesey:

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