7/15/18 BMT Day +74 A Prayer

We are facing a new setback in the gvhd process and we wait for our trusted doctors to devise a plan. Please join me in saying Father Dan’s prayer, the prayer I said moments ago with Reese as she prepared for bed. When I finished, she added that she would also like to be able to eat cheese and peas.

Gracious God, We put our trust in You. We call upon your abundant Goodness and Love once more.

Lord, you helped Reese get thru her intense Chemo treatments. You were by her side during her Bone Marrow transplant and sent her the marvelous Sign of your Rainbow. We thank you for the tests that show 100%.healthy cells.

In your Divine Mercy, please Be with this amazing and courageous little girl once again. Set Reese free from the distress of these BMT complications. Guide all the medical staff who are caring for her. Activate the healing power of Reese’s own body to win this victory soon. Take away all of her suffering and renew her day by day! Bless each member of her Family, especially her parents Jen and Chris, with Strength from Above. In Jesus’ Name we pray!

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