7/2/18 Day +61 Jello

The title of this post is: PROGRESS
So much has happened since I wrote on Friday, what a weekend. A gvhd snapshot-
On Friday we were given hope. There were changes.. some were better, some were unknown. We prayed and waited.
On Saturday things continued to move in the right direction. We had smiles, laughter, soup. And all of these things warmed our hearts and Reese’s belly.
On Sunday we knew that she was on a roll and we started to picture our next step, the future. We gingerly embraced optimism and talked about stages of recovery.
On Monday we knew we had a real streak, a streak of good, of improvement, of real proof, that Reese is winning this battle against gvhd!!

Father Dan flew in on Friday morning and my best friend, Ginny, flew in on Friday night. Both of these visitors are symbolic for our healing. Father Dan, for Reese and Ginny, for me. My principal from Greeley school, where I taught second graders for over a decade, sent her Lourdes water from France to San Francisco with Ginny. Father Dan performed a special blessing and we all prayed, together with Reese, for her healing and full recovery. God was with us this weekend and we saw His power. We ended last week defeated, scared, feeling beat down by the bear that is gvhd. We come out of this blessed weekend feeling safe to look forward, to figure out what is next.

So much of the weekend centered around soup. Reese is still begging, pleading for food, around the clock. Her tummy is so hungry but it just isn’t ready for the amount of food that she craves. But today she was allowed three soups, one tea, lots of juice ice cubes, and we tried itty bitty amounts of supplemental drink (think Pediasure, without the sugar or good taste.) Reese knows what comes next on her diet checklist and she has her sights always set on her goal. She is fighting hard to move through the levels and when Reese is fighting hard, it’s hard to stop Reese.

I will end with a special moment. Reese was given permission to eat Jello on Sunday. So she invited her sisters to her “Jello party” and they rushed right over. There was so much joy- Reese’s voice is back and so is her sense of humor. She is so happy to be eating that she asked to sit up at the table, picked a chair to wait for her sisters, ate Jello, shared, teased daddy, and her and Quinn bonded like they haven’t since May. They giggled and I saw my family again. My family the way it was. It only lasted minutes and she fatigued. But those minutes keep me going. Those minutes are our future, we just need to get there again. And we will. One day at a time.

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