7/20/18 BMT Day +79 Phy Therapy

Today Reese woke up and wanted to invite her sisters over for a tea party. She had received a new unicorn tulle dress in the mail yesterday (we don’t know who it is from??) so of course she wanted to wear it as soon as possible!

But this was coming from a teeny girl who was up all night again. What did I do? Well I texted the grandparents and we made it happen! Quinn and Claire arrived in time to see Reese practicing “sit to stand” which is the hardest of her phy therapy endeavors. But my little girl powers through, nothing can stop her!

Today I am celebrating an ultra sound that didn’t show any new problems! This is a big deal, her bilirubin recently inched up and the docs were checking her liver (amongst other things.) We are grateful.

Our doctors are astounding. Truly gifted. Our gift from God.

Next Wednesday, Anna is organizing and Father Dan is presiding over a prayer service for Reese at Sacred Heart Church. We will be FaceTiming to see Team Reese from SF and Nonnie & Poppy will be present, representing the family. Please, join us, if you can find yourself in the area. All prayers are so appreciated and welcomed.

Wedesday, July 25
Sacred Heart Church, Winnetka

Photo: “sit-to-stand” and a little love from Quinn

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