7/31/18 BMT Day +90

Team Reese is losing one of our core members on the 8am flight tomorrow back to Iowa. It’s time for Chris’ mom Jeanette, lovingly known as Gaga, to go home. The theme song to Gilligan’s Island comes to mind when I think about Jeanette’s time here is San Francisco. “A three hour tour…”
Jeanette arrived on June 19th to help out for a week. It had been assumed that we would all be staying at the Family House, as Reese would have been discharged from the hospital weeks prior. She’d packed her carry-on and she was going to stay at “the apartment”, with my parents, and help us manage the three kiddos, giving my parents a week long break. (“A three hour tour…”)
When Jeanette arrived and saw what was going on, our crazy circumstances, the uncertainty of the days ahead (let alone the weeks), she did what any great mother does. She hunkered down and stayed where her kid needed her. Until August. Jeanette has spent the last six weeks at the Family House, being where we needed her, when we needed her, supporting our family. When times are rough, you need your people. Jeanette is our people.
Gaga, we are going to miss you. Reese is in a better place today, on her way back up. When you fly out again, let’s pray your granddaughter is still “shopping”, but on her own two feet!! xo

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