7/4/18 Day +63 Love

I’d like to tell you a little about Quinn. Quinn sits here every day. We give her fun options, like the park, and she would rather be next to Reese. Reese can’t play and most days she can’t even talk to her. But Quinn sits here and waits. She is Reese’s best cheerleader. We always know when she has arrived… waving and blowing kisses up at our window. Then she runs down the BMT hall, smiling from ear to ear, her enthusiasm is contagious and no one can see her and not smile. All she wants is to be near Reese and to be near me. That’s love!!

Speaking of love. There is so much love flying from Chicago to San Francisco!! Brenna popped in and then we had a surprise visitor, Marta, too. Then my brother and Jen, then Gaga (Jeanette), then Father Dan, then Ginny, and now Kari and Olivia arrived today, and Anna and Diane to arrive on Sunday. Staci and Addysen are on the docket, too! Of course my parents have also been here, for the long haul. As my dad (Poppy) said to Reese, “I go home when we all go home, together.”
And of course all of these people who love Reese so much do the walk… the walk to the hospital… and we see them from the window, our parade of support, coming down the road. What a wonderful moment tomorrow when Kari and Olivia are added to our parade!! #blessed

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