6/15/18 Day +44 Setback

Reese is still battling GVHD. We turned a corner earlier this week but had a setback over the past 24 hours. Something else is brewing in my little girl and the doctors are going fishing to try to determine- what??
Her WBC and neutrophils (ANC) keep doubling. They are currently WBC 30 ANC 24, that is not normal, way too high. We don’t know why and because they aren’t slowing down and she’s not getting better, we are searching for an answer. She had a lot of blood drawn this morning and a CT scan pending. Her body is open to opportunistic viruses right now (re: transplant and high dose steroids) as well as other bacterial/fungal infections, so the doctors need to look closely. In the meantime, her sisters aren’t here and she is pretty miserable.
I will keep you updated as results come back, please pray for wisdom for our brilliant doctors, as we try to cross this new hurdle. And please God, I’d love for her to have a break from severe pain. And I’d love for it to last for the rest of her long life. This little 28-pound peanut has had enough to last her a lifetime.

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