6/2/18 BMT Day +30 & +31 The Taper

The big milestone these past few days is: the taper. We have watched Reese’s IV “tree” dwindle down and it has been a celebration each time a pump is removed and not replaced. Today was a big deal when they unhooked her completely, for four hours! I remember the moment she was hooked up, the feeling in my heart, it hurt. It has been 40 days since this little girl had the freedom to walk, without dragging an IV tree along with her. We have been waiting for this day and she was SO HAPPY! They will continue to give her this 4-hour freedom until we are released, maybe later this week! See YouTube video below of “the taper”…

Reese is battling nausea again, we don’t know why exactly. We are hoping for better days ahead in this department, she needs the calories and nutrients right now to grow stronger. And it makes her feel just terrible. It’s so hard to watch her come so far and then loose ground again.

My birthday was yesterday so there was a celebration with cake, this was a highlight and I was so blessed to be surrounded by my three beautiful girls. These moments are so special and I know it isn’t a secret what my birthday wish is this year!

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