6/8/18 Day +36 & +37 100% Chimerism

I have the most extraordinary news to share!

In both Reese’s peripheral blood and bone marrow, her Day +28 chimerism came back 100% DONOR!!!!!!!!!!

What does this mean for her long-term prognosis? Her doctor explained it to me. 100% chimerism this early + her GVHD = very unlikely we will ever see JMML again! YES! YES!

We feel confident that this is exactly what the doctor (and God) ordered for our little girl. A bright future, cancer free!

Reese still has a battle to fight before her war is over, her GVHD is a bear. Of course it’s no match for our little warrior, but it is not easy and she is still suffering. The JMML has left her body, but she is still fighting some of the effects of this miracle.

We were told that a great predictor of successful recovery from GVHD is platelets in normal range. I’m happy to report that Reese’s are 237 (normal being >150, this is great news!) I will keep you updated on her progress, so far it is slow going.

I am saying two prayers tonight. One, to thank god for guiding me to these fantastic doctors and this magnificent chimerism. Two, to ask Him to ease her pain as she fights her way to the end of this war.

I go to bed tonight with the most tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders. I hugged my doctor with tears, what a gift, someone with such powerful knowledge to save my daughter’s life. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning, I remember how it used to feel… I don’t know if I can explain it. What word would I use to describe those first few seconds? I think it was peace. The peace I was so fortunate to feel before Dec 11, when life made more sense. The life that includes my little family of five, together under one roof. WHAT A BLESSING.

Pictured: The five of us unicorns, being silly at home in April, right before we flew out to SF.

(left to right: Claire, Chris, Quinn, Reese, & me)

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