3/18/19 We head home in TWO DAYS! April Showers Bring May Flowers

We had a little low grade fever scare last night, it reminds me how LUCKY we have been on this leg of the outpatient journey. Reese’s temp was 100.5, and if it stays that way for one hour, she has to go straight to the ER. This is something we experienced a lot pre-transplant. One hour later it was 99.5 and then 98.7. This protocol will continue as long as Reese has a central line, her double-lumen broviac (lovingly referred to as her “toobies”.) These will remain in place until her infusions and blood draws are spaced out more, we still go in every week. A central line puts her at risk for a line infection, which is a BIG deal. This is why we still have to rush to the hospital with a fever, with a goal of arriving within 20 minutes. Thankfully, we have been blessed, and Reese has never suffered this problem.

Speaking of blessed, the WINNETKA forecast is calling for 50 degrees and sunshine on Thursday afternoon, we are bringing it home from California with us! Please BYOB and join us on Willow Rd (between Sheridan & Poplar) if you are around! Bring Your Own Balloons, that is. Our trolley will deliver Reese safely to her door around 1:45/2 and she would love to see you as she celebrates.

After the trolley celebration comes the moment I have been dreaming about for months. The moment I enter my house, with my family. I have pictured it so many times, I can’t tell you how many. Opening the door, watching their eyes for recognition. I know the squeals I will hear, the giggles, the delight at familiarity. I wonder if Claire remembers the house at all? She was 1 when I left. I will watch her carefully, looking for recognition and soaking in every moment. Then I will offer Reese my hand as she climbs the stairs, the stairs she trained for. I know that her and Quinn will make their way to their room and touch every stuffed animal. They will look at every toy that has stood frozen in time, waiting for them. (I know it’s all there, because Brenna facetimed me from my house today. It’s true, just as they left it.) At Quinn’s bedside table is a green San Francisco trolley car, a statue Reese painted her in the hospital, and a picture of Reese. Because that’s what was important to her as she counted down the days to join her sister in San Francisco last spring. I can see little Quinn laying these out, her treasures, and I know she will be happy to see them, waiting for her. There are still spring decorations the girls made on the kitchen window, April showers bring May flowers, I remember them! Little did we know we would use them this April. And finally, what is left of Quinn and Claire’s San Francisco Countdown paper rings and a sign that says “California Here We Come.” Because hey were coming to bring Reese home. It just took most of a year, but they did it. Home, here we come!!

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