3/2/18 – THREE Battles, the end of round one chemo

Today Reese’s body is cancer free! We know that chemo cannot cure JMML, but it’s job is to temporarily ease the burden to prepare for transplant. Today we celebrated the strength, positivity, and resilience with which she completed her first battle against JMML. She has two more in the next two months and my little warrior knows she is one step closer to being disease free.

I have learned a lot about people. Walking the cancer halls at Lurie, I have seen the faces of children who are true superheroes. And I can tell you, their brave parents also have a look about them. Determination mixed with the greatest sorrow, faith, and the total loss of ego. Then there are the givers. I know so many of them. Those who are thoughtful, the doers for others. You know them, too. The kind of people I hope I am raising my daughters to be. All these people… the child, the family, the doers, the doctors… for a win.

And in Reese’s words: “…and god please make the JMML go away quickly. I think God is the one who knows how to do it. Because God is in charge.”

The video today is a celebration. I thank god for the first victory of three: the end of round 1 chemo. Go Reese!

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