3/23/18 – Our Bone Marrow Transplant DONOR

We have received great news this week. Reese’s donor was activated YESTERDAY! We are so relieved to have found her and happy that the process will not be delayed. She is an 18-year-old female and a 12/12 match for our little girl. God bless her, at 18, she is going to save my daughter’s life. We will be able to thank her properly in a year when her information is released to us… and thank her, we will! It will take me a year to plan a “thank you” worthy of her gift… the gift of life.
Reese has been home for two days since her last chemo treatment and her numbers are continuing to drop, which is appropriate and expected. We have entered isolation once more in the hopes of saving her the pain of an infection while her immune system hits zero and then slowly rises again. Reese is happy to be reunited with her sisters and they have been playing since she stepped in the door.
Over the last month, Reese and I have been designing a sock with “resilience gives” to raise money for UCSF and JMML research. Reese and her family will be wearing these special socks during her treatment at UCSF. If you purchase a pair of these socks, please share a picture of yourself (or your kids) wearing them! I will share the pictures with Reese while we are in the hospital for her bone marrow transplant in May. I KNOW it will make her smile to see her community’s support. Please copy and paste link below if you are interested, thank you.

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