3/30/18 – Bunnies & Blood Transfusions

Reese’s 2nd battle is ramping up as her blood counts dropped to zero this week, total neutropenia. How quickly this happened was a shock to all of us (including her nurse) as Reese showed no signs of slowing down. I was told to watch for tiredness, irritability, and bruising. She literally danced with Quinn through the week, her cheerful sweet self, and now here we are at Lurie getting two transfusions to get her through the bunny weekend. As long as she remains fever free, we will be able to celebrate Easter with our family. If her fever goes above 100.5 we are admitted for no less than 48 hours. This is a delicate time, her immune system having zero defense to mount, so please pray for her safety as we wait for her numbers to start to rise again, hopefully in a week or so.

In the words of our priest, Father Dan, In his Passion, Christ shared our human suffering fully. In his Resurrection, he wins the Victory for us all.

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