5/1/18 BMT Day -1 The Donor Cells Arrived!

We are here… tomorrow is the day. Reese’s re-birth day, her new chance. At 2am this morning Reese’s hemoglobin transfusion finished- and she was WIDE AWAKE and feeling good. It was so fun to see her smiling face again, we stayed up and talked for over an hour. We talked about her new cells, I told her they are coming and she asked me if this is when the JMML packs it’s bags and leaves. I said, yes. She was so filled with joy, it was such an amazing moment. Then, after another rough day, she ended the day with a prayer for tomorrow, “God please please please make the JMML go away forever!!!!” Amen. Tomorrow morning at 11am Reese receives her new cells, they arrived by plane tonight!! They are here! Her sweet, 18-year-old, 12/12 American donor had her surgery this morning and now the cells are going to change our life.

Tomorrow begins a new fight, and the beginning of Reese’s recovery!! Please pray for my girl tomorrow morning, let’s storm the heavens for my little fighter, my small but mighty Reese.

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