5/15/18 BMT Day +13 PICU with good news

I have lots of good news!
First of all, Reese is engrafting at a fantastic rate! Her neutrophils are 470 today. Grow cells, grow!
The doctors warned us that the worst is yet to come, and we have been bracing ourselves for an uphill battle this week. Well, tonight they told us she may have actually plateaued, and if she continues to look this way, we will leave the ICU tomorrow! I can’t believe how much I want to get back to the bone marrow transplant unit. Isn’t perspective interesting?
The doctors are not overly concerned about the CMV reactivation (again, it pretty much falls into the “expected” category.)
Reese is doing much better today but she still doesn’t feel well. She was barely awake today, and when she was awake she was very mad. And she should be. I want better days for my little girl, and I am so hopeful that is on the horizon.
Now that Reese is engrafting, we are watching for the next BMT monster, GVHD. Hopefully Reese can catch a break with one of these BMT complications, and only experience mild graft vs host wars.
This was an unexpected turn around today, thank you god, thank you doctors, thank you nurses, thank you prayer warriors. Tomorrow is another day.
Pictured: Reese and Quinn’s preschool class rocked their socks for Reese today!
(Quinn bottom row, 2nd from the left.)

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