5/18/18 Day +16 ENGRAFTMENT

Neutrophils: 1,150!! Reese’s new stem cells officially ENGRAFTED in her bone marrow!

Tonight Chris left, to fly from San Francisco back to Chicago and see Quinn and Claire. Reese is doing much better, each day she is a little bit stronger than the one before. She is drinking and eating (a little). I am hoping for more “to be expected” over the next two weeks, that would be incredible, we would be so blessed! Our doctors here are rock stars and I have such faith in them, thank goodness we are here when we are. Our nurse, who has been here in BMT for 20 years, was telling us how far BMT has come at UCSF, even in the past two years. Even the defibrotide (that saved Reese from VOD) is relatively new.

I’ve been told that I don’t picture Reese’s room on here, and a few people were wondering what her isolation room looks like here at UCSF. It’s one big L shaped room. The bottom of the L is “my room”… a lounge with a separate TV (which we turned into the art/ballet studio.) It has a curtain (that we don’t have up) and I imagine it would be really handy for a teenager who is here with a parent- a little privacy. There are two bathrooms, one for me and one for Reese. UCSF strongly believes in separating, and my bathroom door must remain closed or water droplets could enter the perfect environment Reese needs. Her TV is larger than mine at home (true story) and she controls everything with a tablet. The BMT unit is separate from oncology and the BMT nurses are very experienced, specially trained, and very knowledgeable. We are thrilled with UCSF & our amazing docs and nurses.

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