5/19/18 BMT Day +17 Taking Steps

Neutrophils 1,210!!
Today Reese started weaning off her pain med drip! She also went down in dosage on two of her meds, this is a big deal and I am so proud of her. She has a long way to go to be clear of VOD, she still very much has it, it can take a few weeks in total to clear out. She is also feeling better and today she WALKED OUT HER DOOR!! That’s right, she now has limited access to the playroom, we are doing the neutrophil dance!! The playroom is specially cleaned for just one child at a time, and Reese walked all the way there with me this afternoon. Not only were they her first steps after 11 days, but they were her first steps toward freedom, too!! She was so proud, so happy, so determined. That’s my girl!

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