Today is the day. 1 year ago, a rainbow crossed over Reese while new cells were manually pumped into her little body. Cells that were donated by a stranger, an 18-year-old girl, who knew nothing about Reese except that she needed help. And she was able to provide the help that no one else could. The gift of life. Now that’s power.

We have the opportunity to meet this donor, starting today. I have submitted all of our information and now we wait, to see if she will do the same. If she does, Be the Match will introduce us. She may choose not to share her information, it’s a very personal choice. Or she may not be ready, in which case she could contact us at any time in the future. Of course I will keep you updated on this progress, she deserves a hero’s thanks.

Reese sang happy birthday to her new cells all day, and she requested ice cream sundaes to celebrate… because that’s what her “new cells want!” Reese talks a lot about her new cells, this is a big part of her world. Another big part of her world is SCHOOL! She had her second day of school today. It has been a very smooth transition, she loves going with Quinn. I am very interested to see how she does the rest of this year. She has had a lot to overcome, obviously, and succeeding at this new venture is another big task. So far it’s nothing but smiles and enthusiasm.

Today we celebrate this moment in time. Right here, right now. It’s perfect.

Pictured: Reese and Quinn on their first day of school. In the first picture, Reese is just three months from her diagnosis of JMML. The second picture is Tuesday, leukemia free and still holding Quinn’s hand. This is love. We are blessed.

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